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Stch is the quickest way to see, rollup and share software engineering progress with the wider team.

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Stch provides a lightweight way to connect our dev team's work with business objectives, and helps me to communicate the value of our engineering efforts to investors.

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Aleksander Dahlberg

Founder, Sahha

Communicate Progress Automatically

You need to communicate your team’s progress throughout the business with the appropriate amount of detail.

Searching through Jira tickets, wrangling slide decks, pulling your team away from their work - keeping track is time intensive and tricky. 

Stch keeps track for you and lets you share progress across your business seamlessly.

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Your entire business on one page

Communicating the value of technical work is hard and estimating time to delivery is notoriously difficult.

The business side wants to know how long until a feature is ready. The technical side want to communicate the value of cleaning up tech debt.

Stch brings together all parts of your business in one place - while letting each team use their preferred tooling.

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Fit your workflow

Lists, spreadsheets, kanban, flowcharts - we all have preferred ways of staying aligned.

Sharing knowledge and progress across all these mediums takes time. Details get lost in translation.

Through plugins Stch helps you share and collaborate on the same data in any view you like.

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Observability for teams

Stch is built on a simple but powerful directed architecture that allows teams to create, share and edit nodes.

At its simplest it might be a basic list - except every bullet point can be shared, edited, added to, tagged, tracked and integrated with your favourite tools from Linear to Notion to Jira.

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